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Brule and Lyman County Community Based Habitat Access Program (CBHAP)

Chamberlain Pheasant Coalition Fact Sheet

What can this become?

A group of local businesses, along with the support of the three local Pheasants Forever chapters in Brule and Lyman Counties, combining forces to increase the amount of excellent pheasant habitat open to public hunting locally. This in turn brings in more hunters to Brule and Lyman counties which will provide a very strong economic benefit to our local businesses and communities.


Members of this program will aim for a goal set at $50,000 dollars which in turn will create 2,000 acres of public hunting in Brule/Lyman counties. The donation of funds will be used as a onetime sign up incentive for farmers and landowners enrolling into the CRP program (excellent pheasant habitat) and at the same time, enrolling those same acres into the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks (SDGFP) public access program (Walk In Area Program) opening these acres of prime pheasant habitat to public hunting. Must CRP contracts are 10-15 year contracts. Contracts with fewer than 10 years will be pro-rated for the years left. The CBHAP will provide a $25/acre sign up incentive for 10-15 year contracts. When the CBHAP incentive is coupled with the CRP sign up incentive, GFP sign up incentive, and the yearly rental payments these programs provide, this becomes a very attractive offer for farmers and landowners to enroll into this program.

How does it work?

Pheasants Forever is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization who has held a 4 star rating by Charity Navigator for the past six years in a row. The South Dakota Pheasants Forever will establish a separate bank account from its own account where all funds from the CBHAP will be deposited. The CBHAP dollars will be held separate from any other Pheasant Forever Chapter monies. Donations are tax deductible and receipts are provided to all donors.

A Pheasant Forever Farm Bill Biologist (FBB) or USDA personnel complete a CRP conservation plan with a landowner. Once this plan is approved by the Farm Services Agency (FSA), a CRP contract is completed by FSA. Once the CRP contract is approved, the Pheasants Forever Farm Bill Biologist completes a SDGFP walk in area contract as well as a CBHAP contract. After SDGFP approves the walk in area contract, the Pheasants Forever Biologist will notify the state account personnel (Mike Stephenson or Matt Morlock) to issue a sign up incentive check to the farmer or landowner from our PF Brule/Lyman CBHAP account.

Record Keeping

The local PF Farm Bill biologist keeps the local records of the program. These records include copies of the donations to the Brule/Lyman County CBHAP and receipts issued to donating members, as well as the original CBHAP signed contract, a copy of the SDGFP Walk In Area contract, a copy of the CRP-1 form issued by Farm Services Agency which shows the acres have been enrolled into the CRP program with beginning and ending dates (minimum 10 years), a copy of the W-9 signed by the farmer or landowner, and a copy of the check issued to the farmer or landowner. At the end of each year, the PF Farm Bill Biologist provides a list of farmers or landowners who were paid more than $600 along with W-9 info to our PF Headquarters accountant who in turn provides a 1099 tax form to that farmer or landowner for their tax purposes.


It is critical that our members are kept apprised of the success of the program. Each summer our members will be provided a complete status report showing highlights of the past year in respect to the Brule/Lyman County CBHAP, the # of contracts enrolled, the number of acres enrolled, and complete financial report- shows income, expenses, interest earned, money paid to farmers and landowners, and the Brule/Lyman County CBHAP account balance.


A website will be developed that will contain information about the Brule/Lyman Counties CBHAP. This website will highlight our members within the program, the mission for this program, maps of all the sites (along with directions to the sites), donation information and general interest items.

Site 1

Site Map #1

CBHAP Site #1

156 Acres

Legal Description: 14-106N-76W

Site 2

Site Map #2

CBHAP Site #2

45 Acres

Legal Description: 31-101N-69W

Site 3

Site Map #3

CBHAP Site #3

160 Acres

Legal Description: 7-106N-75W 

Site Map #4

Site Map #4

CBHAP Site #4

57 Acres

Legal Description: 2-103N-68W